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Lonesome Hours - The Monument & Seven Rooms Recordings


2013 release. It was the last days of 1983 when Andreas Buchwald (guitars) and Andreas Gimpel (vocals) founded Remain in Silence. With a distinctive lead voice and melodically haunting guitar tunes layered over heavy basslines and straight drums, they soon established their characteristic sound -- deeply melancholic, sonorous, and powerful. An inescapable emotional density permeates their songs. Early comparisons to the likes of Joy Division and The Cure soon became void as Remain in Silence carefully developed their individual musical language. Apart from an omnipresent dark, coldwave mood, even songwriters like Leonard Cohen can be seen as influences, and an absorbing interpretation of Dylan's "Ballad of Hollis Brown" is still occasionally part of their live set. In April 1985, Remain in Silence released their first album, Seven Rooms, as a C-60 cassette. Housed in a monolith-like black box, it featured a studio side and a live side. Their mini-album follow-up, Monument, also a cassette-only release, consolidated their reputation as a cult band and widened their audience, leading Germany's alternative cassette charts at the time. Upon its release in December 1985, Spex magazine stated, "Monument is absolutely worth the name. RIS is how New Order should actually sound." Classic tracks like the moving "Hope in Fear," the claustrophobic "Hero," and the sad but powerful "Lonesome Hours" have lost nothing of their elemental force, pulling down and lifting up at the same time. With the 1987 release of their third recorded output, the classic This Is the Place Where Resistance Got Lost LP, Remain in Silence's breakthrough seemed to be only a matter of time. But the financial demise of their record label and the permanent replacement of band members brought their career to a premature halt. Nevertheless, Buchwald and Gimpel continued making music as Remain in Silence. They supported Siouxsie & The Banshees in 1995 and are working on material for another album at the time of this release. Without a doubt, Remain in Silence are the true German coldwave pioneers. Lonesome Hours - The Monument & Seven Rooms Recordings offers the perfect introduction to this unique band through their first recorded material, presenting the first vinyl release of the studio side of Seven Rooms and the entirety of Monument. Carefully remastered by Nicolás Zúñiga from the original ¼" reel master tapes. Housed in heavy matte-finish sleeve with printed inner sleeve and two inserts. Hand-numbered edition of 200.