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Sweet & Vicious Like Frankenstein


"Rob Mazurek you ask? Words come by way of response -- words such as Chicago, abstractivist, cornetist, improviser and composer.... even hyphenated words like: multi-media, hard-bop, avant-jazz and dare we say it post-rock. More words of relevance, those which make for identity include: Jim O'Rourke, Stereolab, Tortoise, Gastr del Sol, Brokeback, Pan American, Sam Prekop and even the oh so wordy God Speed You Black Emperor! So many words and we haven't even really started yet... Let's roll on shall we? So, by now we all know this guy has some pedigree, it's true, we knew this already which is why we approached him for this full length. And yes we were most pleased with the results. Sweet and Vicious like Frankenstein is a multi-shifting work. Two tracks comprise. Throughout the journey that is Frankenstein, the considered listener is exposed to a cross section of the audio spectrum: From the small and subtle to more dense, dramatic and fast shifting events. A wide range of acoustic and electronic variables are at play creating a variety of mood's and texture's. Sources range from field recordings (macro + micro), electronics' (ana + digi) and sounds that are simply quite hard to locate/identify. A focus on the obscure within the audio realm seems somewhat intentional. Although abstract in nature, there is certainly emotional intent within Rob's creation, one which build's in momentum and intensity throughout the span of the two track's on offer. A narrative is open for the listener to decipher and as is the nature of this creation repeated listens are rewarded. Compositionally this temperamental little sucker straddle's the line between 'music' and 'sound' -- no philosophical argument's here please. We are making a rash statement for all intents and purposes. And yes we have the nerve to take it for granted that you, dear reader dig -- coolio? We thought so. File under: Frankenstein."