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Piece Of Mind


"As K.J. Gustin wrote, Piece Of Mind is a work of 'exotic psychedelic free-jazz-meets-rock, East-meets-West, progressive and smoky moment in late Twentieth Century music history'. Add to that a spice of jazzy brassed R&B and a touch of minor-key popsike sensitivity and you get an accurate description of the sounds contained in Roger Bunn's astonishing 1969 LP, originally released in the UK on the Major Minor budget label, but issued in some European countries (Ohr label in Germany or Phillips in Holland) in a beautiful gatefold cover that is the one we choose for our reissue. When the LP was released in 1969, Roger Bunn was already a veteran British musician that had gained an astonishing CV since he began playing in the professional circuit. He spent the sixties moving through several outfits playing skiffle, jazz, beat, R&B, soul... whatever. As The Beatles did, he spent some of his forming time in Germany, playing with British formations there. A versatile musician on several instruments, he became a master of double bass. After the Piece Of Mind days he joined Pete Brown's Piblotko!, played with members of Soft Machine, worked with Ornette Coleman, saw one of his songs recorded (though never officially released) by a major rock star like David Bowie and even became a founding member of Roxy Music for a short period in 1970-1971, among so many other things. An album that should be an essential addition to any collection that misses it, reissued in full colour gatefold sleeve, quality vinyl pressing and an insert with liner notes, with sound remastered by Denis Blackham at Skye Mastering in a strictly limited edition of ONLY 500 COPIES, made in loving memory of this great musician who passed away in 2005, that we expect to sell like hot bread. Get yours before it's too late!"