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...My Name Means Horse


"Singer-songwriter Ross Ryan's breakthrough single I Am Pegasus was released in October 1973. Not only did it top the charts, earning him the first of four gold records, it would also go on to be recognized as one of the all time classic Australian singles -- and would continue Ryan's swift ascendancy since being 'plucked from obscurity' for a Roy Orbison support a year earlier. Ryan: 'On Thursday night I was playing at Gramps Wine Bar to about 20 people -- none of who were listening -- and by Saturday I was in front of 5,000 people on an Orbison show. And so my act really consisted of telling everyone how petrified I was and explaining how I got to be there that night -- and they started laughing and I got an incredible ovation'. Ryan ended up doing the whole tour. Orbison unexpectedly received bad reviews with Ryan going over a storm. As a result of all this positive publicity, he was suddenly deluged with record contract offers eventually signing to EMI. The subsequent album (Ryan's third) ...My Name Means Horse repeated the success of the single and would go triple gold. It was produced by Peter Dawkins and arranged by Peter Martin (SCRA). The 12 track LP included 'I Am Pegasus,' the follow up single 'Orchestra Ladies,' and classic album tracks including 'Blood On The Microphone,' '606' and 'Don't Look To Me.' Ryan was even presented with a gold record by then-Prime Minister Gough Whitlam. Aztec Music's reissue of ...My Name Means Horse is packaged in our famous 6 panel digi-pak, was digitally remastered by Gil Matthews, has 2 bonus tracks, a 24 page book with rare photos and liner notes by Ted Lethborg. Bonus Tracks: 'Blood On The Microphone (Pina Colada version)' : Ryan recorded this version with Stewart D'Arrietta producing. It first appeared on The Lost Ross Ryan Album. 'I Am Pegasus (acoustic version)' : Live from the ABC-TV rock program GTK (Get To Know) 1973, 'Pegasus' is presented in its unadorned form."