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Rhythm Collision Vol. 1

EB 002CD EB 002CD

A mid-price re-release of UK-based Ruts DC's definitive punk/reggae fusion record Rhythm Collision Vol. 1. This version is further enhanced with five 12" bonus and vocal remixes. Originally released in 1982 on the band's own Bohemian Records, this album was immensely influential in UK punk/reggae circles, and was subsequently re-released on the New York 'ROIR' label. Mad Professor's memorable mixes helped the LP to gain some cult status. Meeting at a record store, indulging in their mutual love of funk grooves, as well as playing in the pub rock band Hit & Run, the line-up fluctuated in the early days before settling with Paul Fox on guitar, Dave Ruffy on drums, John Segs on bass and Malcolm Owen on vocals. Attracting the attention of the Southall music collective People Unite, they recorded their classic single "In a Rut" and rollercoasted to pop stardom, signing to Virgin Records, scoring three Top 30 hits, recording the classic The Crack LP, as well as some special John Peel sessions. They were one of the most powerful live bands and always maintained their credibility where others fell for rock 'n' roll glamour. After touring Europe and the U.S., the band were exhausted and, devastatingly for all concerned, Malcolm Owen was dead. The three carried on the band, appending DC to their name, and redirected their music. They released an initial Ruts DC LP Animal Now but were less than happy with the results. Reggae had always been a major part of the Ruts sound, and they chose to develop that and remove themselves and their music from the mainstream glare. They sought out the up-and-coming star of UK reggae production Neil "The Mad Professor" Fraser who had recently set up his Ariwa studio and Rhythm Collision was the first major project recorded in it. This is funk-fueled reggae swaddled in dub, and daubed all over with loud, brash and catchy punk.