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Restless Nights


Almost 4 years and innumerable releases later, a new genre of house music has developed from and around the sound of highly inspired Frankfurt-based artist Sascha Dive. This sound is characterized by dark, driving rhythms with clear references to the U.S. American house music of the 1990s. The German Groove magazine called it "Rhein-Main-House"-- a very accurate term to describe this movement. Sascha Dive has been successful both as a producer, and as a DJ. When you talk with him about club music, and in particular house music, you almost get the impression of talking to a human encyclopedia. His expert knowledge combined with his definition of contemporary club tunes makes his sets a unique experience. He takes the audience on a trip towards the future and the past, and at the end of the night, gently back into the here and now again. A couple of years ago, in spite of his busy schedule and the time he would spend in his studio, Sascha Dive decided to found his own label Deep Vibes Recordings, and to do his own research in the aesthetics of contemporary house sounds. He released tracks by cohorts such as Johnny D, Christian Burkhardt, Ray Okpara and Robert Dietz, as well as of his own favorites such as Rick Wade, Scott Furgeson, Brothers Vibe, DJ Qu, Sean Dimitrie & Tim Fuller, and Norm Talley. After more than a year of working in his studio, he now comes up with his debut album Restless Nights, that spans a bridge between clear and driving club tracks such as "Jus Groove" or "The Jam," and calmer sounds; for example, the opener "Tribute To The Night" or the cozy, almost playful track "Summer Madnesss" and "Hey Joe." This is the perfect album for almost any occasion: from dusk till dawn, for a nice open-air party, or a gorgeous after-hour event in Ibiza.