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Das Ende Vom Kreis

TR 188CD TR 188CD

This is the second full-length album by Germany's Schwefelgelb. A lot has happened since their acclaimed debut album Alt Und Neu -- Sid and Eddy aka Schwefelgelb were invited to the Wire festival in Tokyo, the biggest festival for electronic music in Asia. The picky, well-informed audience went crazy over Schwefelgelb's mix of electro, new and dark wave, and their eccentric stage performance did the rest. The same happened on tour in England, Spain, and Poland, and during that time, Schwefelgelb found the time to remix a number of other artists. If on their debut Schwefelgelb brilliantly combined brute electronic body music with catchy melodies and melodic detail, they now not only further continue to do so on Das Ende Vom Kreis, but take it to the extreme. On the one hand, a cool elegance, that keeps reminding you of the sound of the Sheffield scene (Human League, Cabaret Voltaire); on the other hand, the hard, but never overly simplistic beats. In this respect, Schwefelgelb have managed to square one and the same: smart music that gives you the chance to pogo dance that nevertheless sounds as fresh and progressive as if the Roland TR-808s had just recently rolled off the assembly line. Das Ende Vom Kreis will cause a stir in the discos around the globe, with the exhilarated, worn-out masses soaked with sweat.