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Music for the Radio Program This American Life

NEOS 40806CD NEOS 40806CD

2008 release. Driving back to Chicago for Christmas a decade or so ago, maybe less, David Sedaris, reading his story about taking French class in France, brought me to tears. Listening to David Sedaris read one of his stories is always better than reading one of his stories and if you do read one of his stories it's best to imagine his voice reading the story. This particular story, in which Sedaris and his classmates in broken French and their teacher in pissed-off French compare assorted ludicrous holiday fables, was the final segment in that week's This American Life, the radio program from Chicago's WBEZ. The music on this recording is fresh even though for two years and running now the shows themselves have been scraps that the carpetbagger Ira Glass, who now expends his real energy striving for TV stardom, cobbles together from previously aired programs. In a transparent attempt to present old as new, each week he now provides new narration and music to bind scavenged segments. That's where this recording comes in. Each of the five pieces is written for a This American Life theme. Performed by Scott Fields (electric guitar), Sebastian Gramss (contrabass), João Lobo (percussion), Scott Roller (cello). Scott Fields plays a custom CP Thornton Jazz Elite guitar. Recorded 20/ 21 January 2008, mixed 12 February 2008, at Topaz Studios, Cologne, Germany.