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Sean McCann presents his first book, Pacifics. An excerpt from the book: "Always the hours of dawn his cream pastes its lettuce Black: The bedding circles sauces in day-board singes picked just-fine. Light Glides, carved fresh its hues reliving a hampered gloomy due, to soft-lit love slowing the support of overcast of whispering ivory absences and rose fat. In small-town exits, her regret set his ill-health. Lead was Noble with her sapping fan of ear, with my own winter a cedarwood you face, Lapping on grapes. Pearling raining on houses speaking pearl and wine and nightly Is Sophie and trickling anyway, Exerts the rain and cloth very before acting. Cream-like impressions among her much raining, Enters seaweed capping off suns, hooked a Well Recital of consumption. Either coppery, red to the raining jet of wildly left ribbons. This green our cloth of led towards the bricks. All possible in that detuning globe- flash gone lover's fading a dead different, flowering petal-blue. Spheres Pouring-pouring from owners in An over potion the oven very-slow. West cellars; or farm-lit Pouring coppery, moaning far ribbons flapping anyone soy The lobsters mist but rose in keeps on gushing her urn. Fortunately, night cordially implies, a true Silver of sapphire too green and red and but who's swimming - and fishing. A singeing into You pearling green, coffee-tongued richness by the shore out Never befell ripping too that chewy, argued water. a fallacy bitter of their History the favorite is obscurity, a pointy take are to white the bouquet, ever in texture but the fruity, gaps wording a crock you sapphire doesn't orchestra ever the snow by growing minutes I ribbon coppers oven and now retire on the cliff anyway, pedestal been it the paaare their call hard sapphire cut or spend smoker his petaling Pacific" Second Edition; Softbound book; 65 pages; Edition of 100.