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Can one describe everyday life in the third millennium through traditional jazz? That's what Sicily-born pianist Seby Burgio asks with Bounce, released as part of Auand Records' Piano Series. On his contemporary canvas, the 25-year old musician shows mainstream colors made of swing and bop. The result is a fresh, enjoyable music, grounded in the top-notch technique he achieved in his classical studies. The average day on Bounce starts with an invitation: "Follow Me." Burgio drives the listener on a frantic race through traffic, among countless accidents, detours, and quick leaps ahead. Then it's time for a cheerful "Coffee Break," with an infectious beat from Luca Bulgarelli (double bass) and Marco Valeri (drums). A daydream of a "Day Off" ensues, away from office deadlines and traffic jams; the calm of this track unleashes the trio's expressivity, making room for a dreamy, graceful mood surrounded by a soft interplay. Time's almost up, and there's just a quick moment for a playful provocation on "Brush the Cat," highlighting Burgio's sonic clarity and his bandmates' rhythmic precision. Past and present mirror effects dot this album -- with swing, Afro beats, and three-four time outlining the world of today. One can also catch a glimpse of a landscape in bright colors; "Etnia" sounds like a festive dance with origins that cannot be traced back. Of course, this experiment couldn't come without a tribute to some masters, including Thelonious Monk ("Bright Mississippi") and Italian vocal talent Gegè Telesforo, whom Burgio has joined on tour. The uplifting, contagious, and elegant funk beats in "Gege's Groove" echo Telesforo's unique style.