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Time Zero


This is the debut full-length release from Shonky (Olivier Ducreux). Honing his taste within the Parisian dance scene via Dan Ghenacia's infamous Sunday "Kwality" Batofar parties, and 12"s on labels such as Mobilee, Resopal Red and Sub Static, Shonky now lives and DJs in Berlin. As Shonky himself describes, "Time Zero is kind of techno/hypno, with many roots coming from Detroit techno and San Francisco psychedelic house; always super hypnotic. Ultimately, I did what I do the best: danceable tracks." The title track opens Shonky's space-travel with spiraling effects and a repeat-repeat vocal that heightens the psychedelic vibe. The airy chimes of "Nebula" evoke the questing spirit of Detroit and bring in a breath of Kraftwerk a la Tour De France. "Ringside With Dione" slows down the beat to push up the intensity; turning out late night music with dubby, shooting stabs that turn your mind inside out. The obvious titular nod to acid house classic "Voodoo Ray" is reflected in the warm, burnished tribal-tech of "Cosmic Ray." He returns to psychedelic techno with stand-out cut "Galactica," a tune whose dense atmospherics, backdrop of wolf-like wails and clever use of a female vocal would make the Belleville Three proud. Beckoning you ever further into the cosmos, "Ellipse" matches horn licks to gently rattling percussion as the main melody seems to come floating in from outer space; its shimmering, progressive synths peaking and peaking. "Ondulation" hypnotizes with shimmering waves of acid and gleaming synth lines. There is more classic, intricate Detroit styling up his sleeve on "Odyssey," a clean cut tune rippling with sharp metallic synths and an eerie radio-signals-from-space motif, which tempts you to follow the sound into another dimension. Sexy, dubby, hip-jackin' musical movements rule the intro on "Magma," moving into a deeper, more atmospheric space. Finally, the track "Minor Planets" embraces pure techno with its lush washing synths and crystalline beats. This is not a first class debut. It's a first class album, full stop.