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1-2 Weeks
Disc 1
01 01 :31
02 01 :31
Disc 2
03 01 :32
Disc 3
05 01 :31
06 01 :31
Skreamizm Vol. 5


This is the fifth volume in Tempa's Skreamizm series, now bigger than ever, for the first time on 3 discs. Until now, these 6 cuts have been limited to DJ sets from the mighty Skream and his closest spars, causing a frenzy amongst ravers and listeners who have yet been able to take home the productions to listen to at their leisure. Proceedings kick-off with the haunting synth couplets of "Filth," a dread-inducing production with a raging bass line, held captive by a kick on the 1 and 3 which seems like it will give way to the beast at any point. One of the highlights of the Magnetic Man (Skream, Artwork, Benga) live show and a firm favorite with DJs including N-Type and Plastician, "Filth" is the first of three unadulterated bangers. Two more dancefloor destroyers are "Fick" (currently being smashed every set by Sinden) and "Simple City." It's perhaps these that you'll be most familiar with; the chest-plate bruising bass on the 2nd drop of "Fick," metered with an almost fairytale melody, or the ever-mutating bass line drop of "Simple City," which seems to grow in intensity with each snare hit, as if the bass were a horse and the snare Skream's riding whip. Amongst the headtop material, you'll find three more playfully energetic numbers. As an ode to those that were there back in the day, Skream comes with "One For The Heads Who Remember," a track reminiscent of '98/'99 Steve Gurley sets with distinctly Skream chords, offering us an insight to what he may have been producing throughout the garage era, "If You Know" and "Rimz" both expose the house and garage roots of contemporary dubstep and complete the triple pack. With bookings stretching into 2009 including those with his live band Magnetic Man, we can forgive the Stella Sesh Selector for the long pause in releases, for Skreamizm Vol. 5 is an overbearing argument that the best things come to those who wait.