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"1975 pre-Adverts LP from punk legend TV Smith. Originally released in an edition of only 50 copies. Printed innersleeve. " "The 14th of June, 1975. It was a studio, a proper studio - just like the ones the proper bands recorded in. At least, it was the nearest I'd ever been to one and now my band Sleaze, that had so far had to make do with playing support slots at local clubs and discos - as well as the occasional headline gig in local school halls - was about to record some of our songs, just like a proper band. We set up our equipment, the engineer placed the microphones and recorded a few minutes to check the sound, then we put the whole album straight onto tape, song by song, playing live with no overdubs. Two hours recording time, twenty pounds for the lot, plus another half hour for the engineer's time splicing the tracks together, and the price of the two reels of tape. All in all, the Sleaze album cost the princely sum of £38.88. We went on to press up fifty copies onto vinyl, most of which we gave away to family and friends.... I'd met a new girlfriend in the art department and not only did she have the same Iggy and New York Dolls records in her collection as I did, she'd shown an interest in learning bass guitar and wanted me to teach her. Within a year we'd moved to London together and started rehearsing a new band, she'd changed her name to Gaye Advert... and the rest is history. I was no longer a solitary musical rebel pushing against a door that refused to budge. I was one of a multitude of rebels who felt the same way I did. This record is the sound of that rebellion trying to find its way, the door creaking against its hinges - a year before punk exploded, the door finally blew open and the music scene changed forever. " --TV Smith