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Semi Peterson


"Ronnie Peterson was the smartest Swedish racing driver ever, the so called 'king of drift'. A man who dominated the F1 scene of the 1970's by style and skill. But this is the year 2003. And this is Sluta Leta. Before we plunge into the present, let's take a quick glance at the past for one last time: Sluta Leta, yes the same Sluta Leta that released digital fried disco 12"s on Mego, Uptight and Cheap, as well as more dazzling rock-ish numbers via Chocolate Industries. All seemed quite rosy for this grand Swedish band, gaining respect in their homeland and abroad, the punters were crying for more, however, in recent years all has been quiet -- so what has been happening? Well as it turns, and yes all will turn my friend, the original members -- Bengt Liljstad, Jonas Bergkvist and later Yngwie Moskowich & Anders Rydberg -- all left the band and were exchanged during recent years by the current band-members: Andi Pieper, Ramon Bauer & Gerhard Potuznik. So, here we have a new Sluta Leta line up and a brand new record. Their first full length. Quite a succulent mix of rocktronics is on offer here. All is balanced by acoustic rhythms, broken but never detached, warm vocals are sewn throughout, deep keyboard lines provide ecstatic moods. With guest appearances by such legends in their own lifetimes as: Catriona Shaw, Philipp Quehenberger, Anne Laplantine and ddkern. The pleasure's of Ronnie's excess pay off via elements of electro, punk, rock, cabaret and chunky groove. Unlike Mr Peterson's, Sluta Leta's debut full length is a smooth ride from start to finish -- whilst still traversing many difficult hairpin's of the musical grid. For fans of life and all the pleasure's it can bring. Disco."