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Molotov Lounge

LN 025LP LN 025LP

"Sonic Subjunkies is the project started by Thaddi Herrmann back in the mid 90's together with his close friend Rob Marvin. The pair were the first act signed to Alec Empire's fledgling DHR imprint and their live shows (in particular at the Suicide Club back in '95) became legendary for their blend of obliterated junglist outbursts, decimated breaks and a realignment of classic Hardcore traditions. By the time Molotov Lounge (their first and only album) came out on CD format back in 1998, Thaddi and Rob had decided to disband and move on to fresher pastures. Molotov Lounge was released to a hail of acclaim and became the definitive album of it's kind -- a landmark blend of Industrial beat posturing and innovative sampling twists that re-shaped Hardcore into something altogether more fierce and uncompromising. The album was cut for vinyl a year later in 1999 but never saw the light of day....until now. This limited vinyl edition is at long last available -- courtesy of Berlin's most uncompromising label -- Lux Nigra, and marks the end of a process started over 10 years ago in a small Berlin bedroom. Molotov Lounge is a landmark album, a dark stretch of brooding drum machines, chopped-up breaks and twisted Manga samples -- it's one of the definitive albums of its kind and stands as a testament to some the influences and sounds that inspired us back in the late 90's and that still sound so good today."