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3E 095CD 3E 095CD

"The title Evolutionism was chosen by Fabrice Lig to foreground his concern and engagement with environmental issues, particularly preservation and harmonious management of the environment, and recycling and re-use of resources and materials. Many of the tracks on this album, indicated by the track titles, are the result of how these modern challenges have affected him personally and been an inspiration to his music making over the past few years, the time which this project has been in production. Belgium's Fabrice Lig is up there with Detroit giants when it comes to pure, scintillating electronic music bursting with ideas and performed with passion. The fact that he's appeared on labels like KMS, 7th City, Playhouse, Kanzleramt and F-Comm speaks for itself, but this album puts him firmly up there in the highest reaches of the techno firmament. The underlying theme is environmentalism and how it affects him. The music is spiritual and vibrant, linked with occasional spoken dissertations. Fabrice can give the dancefloor a good seeing-to on tracks like 'The Power Of A City,' which plants strong female vocals over a contagious house groove, but is most exciting when mining the deepest stratas of his imagination on tracks like 'DDNA' or 'Children Of Galapagos,' one of the year's most euphorically-gorgeous peaks. The collaboration with Ken Ishii, 'Australow-P-Tek Funk' heists Cameo's 'Word Up' and there's a top version of Herbie Hancock's 'Rockit.' It's best to hear the whole journey all in one hearing, so Fabrice's message can shine through and the full impact of his breathtaking musical spectrum can be properly appreciated."