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Wall of Soul

KY 5109CD KY 5109CD

[deleted] This is the debut album from Finnish boy/girl duo Juha Tuukkanen and Terhi Koivisto. Both met in Helsinki and gathered together their experiences, influences and musical ideas to produce an album of chilly, contemplative Northern electronics, and soul-jazz grooves. The boy discovered making electronic music at the age of twelve, always collaborating and networking with the Northern electronic scene and releasing various records throughout Europe. The girl is from a small Kokkola town who was awakened to the existence of music while listening to her mum play and sing tender songs to her in the long winter nights. When Juha and Terhi finally decided to work together the idea of a rather organic music started to develop and Spyritual was given a human voice. Soon these sessions started to bear fruit and after years of thinking, writing, recording and producing, a quiet, beautiful and intense album was born. Wall of Soul presents a timeless diversity of moods and styles merged by brilliant acoustic jazz, sweet electronics and an amazing voice. Spyritual combines the modern-day lushness of Notwist with Norwegian jazz like Sidsel Endersen, plus added pop appeal. The album contains 14 tracks, all capturing the enthusiasm for pensive emotional states and moments, a natural result of Juha and Terhi's composition process. The production involved various friends and professional musicians playing their instruments as well as horn arrangements by Mikko Pettinen and Antti Hynninen. Simply beautiful.