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No Life in This Ghost Town

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Stareaway is Markus Guentner from Regensburg, of Kompakt and Ware fame, and Heiko Badje from Hamburg, the man behind saudade-driven pop band La Grande Illusion. Exploring the possibilities of combining Guentner's critically-acclaimed adventures in ambient scapes and Badje's melodies and distinctive singing, their track "Baghira," as an early result, was selected for Kompakt's Pop Ambient 6 compilation in 2005. Their first EP as Stareaway, called Learn How to Love Me, was released on Hamburg-based label Couldn't Care More in 2011, including a remix by deep house icon Osunlade, and the somewhat timeless electronic pop reference, "Unwise." Now Stareaway come up with their first album No Life in This Ghost Town (again on Couldn't Care More); seven sketches between song and track, deliberately carved from a shimmering wall of electronic sound by guitars, spiritualized voices and subtle melodies. It's caressing and thoughtful, but there is also a darkness that makes you shiver. Glowing embers in far away windows. Stareaway combine a vision of sound with multitudes of micro-organisms which take turns no one can foresee. And what may appear as a mere coincidence is in fact a concentrated search. They are seekers of the things lying underneath. Stareaway's No Life in This Ghost Town is mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri. Double vinyl plus download code. Layout by JL Prozess (Markus Guentner), artwork by Claudia Kugler.