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DJ Kicks

K7 082CD K7 082CD

"It's been seven long years since they released their last worldwide hit album Connected but you could say that the formidably enterprising unit of Rob Birch and Nick 'The Head' Hallam known as the Stereo MC's have never really been away. This year marks a return to more public circles. In the midst of recording their new album, they were invited by Stud!o K7 to join the prestigious DJ Kicks series. Consisting of twenty-five tracks, this installment is one of the most innovative out of the entire series? Inside the covers of the CD are overlooked or forgotten gems like Kool G Rap & DJ Polo's 'Road To The Riches' or 'Poppa Large' from the Ultramagnetic MCs, newer classics from the Associates or the Stereos' Brixton neighbors, 57th Dynasty. You'll also find obscure nuggets like the Mike Theodore Orchestra's 'Moon Trek', Oil's 'Slight Of Hand', and between them, there's also 'Rhino' parts 1, 2 and 3 -? all new material from the Stereos themselves. Ultimately, though, the Stereo MC's wanted to keep it simple, to get back to the heart of what motivates, excites and energises them as musicians, fans and record-buyers. 'We'd never done it before because we don't really consider being DJ's as the main thing we do, but it's something we enjoy. These records are a part of our record collection, and that was the mood we were in that day. And that's how it is with music. It's really a live turntable mix, and that's how we wanted to keep it."