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Sval Torv


Streifenjunko's Sval Torv continues a thread that has run through the best music of the last 50 years -- but this time, as envisioned through the sensuality of the trumpet-sax environment. The breathtaking precision Espen and Eivind bring to their microscopic scan of shifting breath/harmonies creates an engaging surface. But underlying the oscillating, clouding tones, pulsing vibratos and calibrated poppings, there are appropriate systems and structures -- this is carefully-crafted music on many levels, and as the discs unfold, one perceives that a theme is examined from different perspectives. Streifenjunko reveal themselves in a most intimate and touching way -- we hear exceptional respect between two men and we hear rich time spent developing together. Their only notation is recording. They don't talk much about the structures and systems and insist that playing and listening back is their compositional tool. Created is a sax-trumpet traversing materiality -- a trumpet-sax never split, one part never isolated from the other -- no counter to their points -- a symbiotic relationship, more than the sum of the bodies. (And unlike much 21st century music, flesh is not denied -- there are no cyborgs here.) We experience the intertwining as a new body -- a new body, and consequently a new mind. Much of the morphology of the music is then generated by shared consciousness. Their sounds are not tacked onto a predetermined framework -- form emerges from process. Perhaps Sval Torv is a throwback -- an anachronistic luddite antidote to the rampant I-ism of our age. Or, more positively, it's a harbinger of future endeavors -- that Streifenjunko's utopia is the latest mutation in the remarkable evolution of collectively authored music, a model which is cogent for making the new dialects of today's and tomorrow's musics, (and not just musics). Mastered by Helge "Deathprod" Sten. Liner notes written by Jim Denley. Pressed on deluxe 140 gram vinyl in a gatefold sleeve.