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Love Album


"Lucky Kitchen founders Daniel Raffel and Aeron Bergman defect temporarily to find a home with kindred spirits Diskono. Once again bearing witness to what they term their 'obsessive recording habits' (Minidisc or tape recorders always primed and ready), The Love Album pieces together a series of lo-tech, collaged inventions, each 'musical' track bookended by a brief, raw-recorded clip of dialogue (interviews with a range of friends, family & acquaintances) on the theme of love/relationships, and the first flowerings of romance (numerous recollections of how 'X meets Y'). With its 25 tracks forming a series of clipped, fragmentary sketches, there's nonetheless something compelling and deeply enchanting about the results. 'Loveyou,givemenoonenew' and 'Watchingromanticindianmoviesathome' recall Foehn -- their lo-fi vocal sampling/looping shifting through a fog of woozy hiss and FX, tape clicks or slow, cavernous beats. 'Guitar Of Stele' transforms vocals and acoustic guitar strumming through speed-shifts, chopping up and stretching out the instrument in a more lo-fi echo of Fennesz' recent Mego 7". With their home taping/concrete sampling methods processed and reshaped through the PC, Suetsuo & Underwood confuse any neat binary dividing between analogue/digital, instead realising a kind of mediated, modern American folk (honest, urban, multicultural) that's grounded in the palpably 'real' atmosphere of their field recordings, whilst clawing out a fresh, uniquely creative use of electronics. Emotionally, the feel of the music is curiously downered, lacking in the giddying gushes and rushes, the indescribable mood-fluxes you'd associate with the concept. Nevertheless, the ensemble works as a refreshingly frayed and sketch-like audio-document, a homely patchwork of briefly glimpsed lives and ideas. Slipped out virtually unnoticed, without wishing to stand up or make bold declamations, The Love Album instead appears crafted with a genuine feeling and sense of community: an inventive and intimate tangling together of roots, stories and intriguing directions." -- Dave Howell