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I Tank U


After years of waiting, Shitkatapult label-head Marco Haas aka T.Raumschmiere finally releases the album that completes the series begun by the two previous Mute albums, Radio Blackout (2003) and Blitzkrieg Pop (2005). I Tank U is the end result of a musical progress: it is dark electronica, techno history, and songwriting, jammed in a terrific rock record. The number of featured guests on this album is remarkable: the notorious energy rappers from Deichkind with The Crack Whore Society, the alien rappers from the Puppetmastaz, the great Tim Vanhamel from Deus and Millionaire, the artist duo Warren Suicide, as well as Lilian Hak, Barbara Panther and Gene Serene. The rapping techno beats, cranky patterns, eerie melodies and those front row beasts gushing with energy do not compete with each other, but create an entity together. The live drums and guitars meet generated synth sounds and distorted bass lines. After all, it's the two instrumental tracks, the rock tunes sung by Haas himself, and the analogical mixing by Moses Schneider that make I Tank U more of an electronic rock album than a rocking electronic album. This release defies any prevailing pessimism about stale techno by doing whatever it fancies and saying no to all strictly defined label boundaries. After The Great Rock'n Roll Swindle (Shitkatapult, 2002), the crude techno long player which assembled his first 12"s, as well as the ambient album Anti (Hefty, 2002), T.Raumschmiere released Radio Blackout (2003) and Blitzkrieg Pop (2005) on Novamute, Mute's techno-oriented subsidiary. He has toured all around the world as a popular techno DJ as well as with his live band, reanimated his love for ambient through the re-edition Random Noize Sessions Vol.1 (Shitkatapult, 2006) and issued some rad-as-hell techno as Shrubbn!!, Together with Ulli Bomans. No matter what the guise, T.Raumschmiere continues to defy rules in a refreshing way, just in the nick of time.