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Seamstress In A Suitcase


2008 release. The Preservation label presents the debut album from U.S. artist Tan Or Boil. Tan Or Boil -- a pun on the name of bratty short stop from those 1970s Bad News Bears films that stuck -- is the alias of the Pittsburgh-born Jason Bacasa. At the start of his songwriting attempts, Jason's continual travels kept him to just an acoustic guitar and 4-track recorder as part of his luggage and he would write and record spontaneously, piecing the various fragments into song when settled for longer periods. His songs still hold onto that fragmented, on-the-fly style with a surreal fervor often running through his lyrics alongside the hushed intimacy that inevitably comes from late-night recording in apartment buildings. A CD-R of six songs which Jason had handed out to around 60 lucky souls witnessing his support slot for Joanna Newsom (he has also played with Cat Power and Devendra Banhart) somehow found its way to Preservation's Andrew Khedoori. Jason was keen to extend on the bare-bones acoustic style of his songs but had no musical compadres to help out. Andrew then enlisted the unique, multi-instrumental wares of fellow Preservation artist Aaron Martin, with both Aaron and Andrew shaping arrangements with digital files going back and forth across the globe. These songs span both the baroque and the exotic within its folky realm, and even get beat-happy courtesy of Melbourne-based electronic artist Part Timer. The album was then mixed by Tony Dupé aka Saddleback. A raw and strange beauty still exists at the core of Seamstress In A Suitcase, though its imaginative, gentle kaleidoscopic spin enhances that feeling as well as takes it somewhere else entirely. Limited edition deluxe booklet-style packaging featuring unique, award-winning design.