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Block Terrain

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"Block Terrain is the amazing debut album by Tenecke out of Brooklyn / New York. Tenecke is a project created by Wayne B. Magruder. Combining found sound, live recordings, sequenced beats and sampling, Tenecke surveys aural terrain, cementing opposing styles forming beat-heavy, textural, Brooklyn-inspired music. Wayne B. Magruder was born and raised in Texas, where he met Sean Donovan (his Calla band colleague on Sub Rosa) at grade school. They played in various bands throughout highschool together and finally formed Fallen Vlods, an experimental electro-acoustic duo (1992-1996). Magruder studied design at the University of North Texas, where he joined The Factory Press (ND Records) as drummer with Aurelio Valle and Pete Gannon. When the band relocated to New York City, Magruder joined Bowery Electric as a live drummer. Subsequent Bowery Electric touring with E.A.R. in '96, and Main in '97 followed, as well as playing live percussion with Robert Hampson and drums with Windsor For The Derby. In 1997, Magruder recorded with Bowery Electric on their second LP, Beat (Kranky). In late '97, desiring to integrate electronics, triggers, and samples in a rock format, Magruder formed Calla with Donovan and Valle and released their debut LP on Sub Rosa in 1999 and Scavengers in 2000 on Quatermass/ Young God. In late 2000 Magruder released Tactile Defense EP on Eacherhundreds under the name Tenecke, combining NY-inspired beats with textured debris. Currently Magruder is half of 'Crumbles Recovery', an improv electro-acoustic duo with Donovan and is 1/3 of Calla."