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Can Cladders

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"It's been three years and several months of fortnights since the world was last graced with the sounds of The High Llamas. The acoustic flavor of Beet, Maize & Corn remains present in the sound of Can Cladders -- a string quartet lays the harmonic bed of the material, joined there by a quartet of female vocalists. All of which lends the gospel truth to the Llamas traditional group profile of piano, bass and drums with vibes, organ and a bit of gut-string acoustic for good measure. Plus a few more touches and curves for extra-good measure and good flavor to boot -- after all, ear candy is the once-and-future name of the pop game that created Can Cladders, and The High Llamas have ever been explorers in search of that exotic spice. During the creation of this new music, O'Hagan channeled a lot of white soul into his writing, with inflections of Laura Nyro, the Laurie Records sound, Motown drum feels and late-'70s UK reggae. Listen for the Jerry Dammers bounce in 'Honeytrop' and you'll see how these sounds coalesce with The High Llamas' unsinkable sunshine pop. Equally eclectic in the lyric department, the songs of Can Cladders concern themselves with a number of different premises: a tour manager retiring to Derbyshire, an art theft in East Anglia, the exploration of the Arctic by a city fund manager and ruminations on the Canterbury scene and the life of jazz harpist Dorothy Ashby -- among several other humorous and poignant topics."