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Collectors Series Pt. 1: Popular Songs


[deleted] The Collectors Series is a new series of mix CDs compiled by German A&R figurehead Stefan Struever, the mastermind behind the seminal DJ Kicks compilations. The Collectors Series is aiming to showcase the multiple faces and histories of dance music and beyond. In the Collectors Series, well-known music lovers from around the globe present gems, rarities, unreleased tracks and favorites from their vaults. The first volume of The Collectors Series comes from Cologne-based producer The Modernist (Joerg Burger), who has been a major figure in the "Sound Of Cologne" for more than a decade. Digging in his vast song collection, Burger has unearthed crisp, electronic pop music that elegantly smoothes the listener's ear. Several mash-ups, specially-arranged blends and exclusive tracks and remixes make this selection a unique and essential minimalist pop affair... The mix opens with Burger's dubby version of "1-2-3 No Gravity" from Closer Music, blending seamlessly into track 2, Mikkel Metal's "Microho," which tightens the rhythmic fundamental. The hypnotic "Late Night Moves" by Repair, is followed by Burger's very own Triola project with "Freifeld," one of the exclusive tracks for this album, followed by Autosundmädchen's compelling track. With Telepopmusik's "Breathe," the mix hits its first peak, succeeded by the Superpitcher remix of D'ntel. After DJ Koze and his dog "Bobby" walk out for air, it's Erlend Oye featuring Morgan Geist who changes the rhythmic format of the mix into a more electro funky vibe. Richard Davis' moody "World Disappears" morphs seamlessly into Autobianchi's guitar twanging track "Stay," which was exclusively made for this compilation. As B.Movement he remixed Ada's "Lifedriver," to bring out even more of the pop-appeal of this beautiful composition. After the original version of "Protest Song" comes a special gem, "Mushroom Angels," which merges beautifully into "Never Forgive & Forget." Round Two propels Berlin's minimal dub sound and leads to the congenial finale, a brand-new track by seminal '80s agit pop band Scritti Politti. The Modernist has greatly delivered for The Collectors Series.