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Protest Songs


"Create confusion! Smash expectations! Doesn't The Modernist just love making a statement which, at the end of the day, is so wide open it can only be explained (away) in contradiction... So it is with the 'Protest Song' on his latest album Kangmei. It's a laconic taking to task of the past and what happens when the truth lies somewhere between standing still and moving on. 'That's why the song remains the same / only the singer has gone insane'. Unusually, its Jörg Burger's own voice you'll hear on this recording. Producer turned singer? Techno gone Pop? Is this the end of an era? Under normal circumstances, Jörg Burger is the last to complain about an unanswered question mark. This time, however, he won't let it lie and has enlisted friends from the highly renowned Kompakt family Reinhard Voigt, Michael Mayer and M.I.A. to pick up the pointers. Four exclusive versions of the 'Protest Song' on one slice of vinyl, this is the Here and Now of Techno"s possibly overdue integration into the social system, or thereabouts. Little hints of our Pop history no longer leave the electronic music scene embarrassedly shuffling their feet, now its more of a knowing grin you'll spot here and there on the dancefloor. In his Modernista 90 guise, Jörg Burger winds up the 303 acid memory banks (don't drop the bass) whilst Reinhard Voigt leaps a few years further on with comically pitched vocals and what sounds like a loop orgy at an open air Tech-House rave. It just doesn't want to stop. Michael Mayer's freeze frame full on rave horn works its way up to an almost sadistic climax. M.I.A., incidentally the power behind the Sub Static label, comes closest to what we generally call minimal, dare we say contemporary. So much for end of an era. Contradiction makes sense in the end. An indispensable release uniting one of Germany's finest electronic artists with the best of Kompakt in one historical document."