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Sargeant & Malone - Love Message (The Revenge Edit)
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Reekin'Structions by The Revenge


The Revenge finally delivers his debut album for Z Records. He has been crowned the king of the edit, quickly reaching dizzying heights in recent years, conquering a style that escapes labeling. His engineering experience has been turned to material for Mark E, Jisco, Under The Shade and Fine Art Recordings and his collaborative projects include Deportivo Street Team, OOFT!, Cronk Family Enterprises, The Hong Kong Micros and 6th Borough Project. Now harboring production skills for over 15 years, Graeme Clark continues to put his fingers to work on a variety of projects in the studio. Featuring 10 reconstructed productions, Reekin'Structions glistens with a silvery sheen and masters a standout soundtrack to satisfy all manner of music lovers. Bubbling with sultry, soulful vocals, brass-funk solos and inspired dancefloor moments, The Revenge illustrates his talent for reinvention and reaffirms why he has become a spearhead for a new musical trend. This supple and tactile collection of tracks approaches sounds of the past and creates new inspiration for the future. Fashioning Mid-Air classics in the style of Metro Area, adding pace and glamour to The Joneses' "Summer Groove" and setting Velvet Hammer in a luminous, filtered-disco ball of light, The Revenge showcases a deep passion and understanding for music and constructs an imaginative, breathing body of work that is sure to find favor where it lands. The Revenge has trailblazed a movement towards reinventing the music of the past 20 years. Embracing pure disco-heads, funk fanatics, soul worshippers and all contemporary electronic music lovers, Reekin'Structions marks the rise of The Revenge as one of the pioneers of a generation, rediscovering classic moments from decades gone and refreshing them through his individual interpretation. Other edited artists include: Johnny Adams, Sargeant & Malone, Chapter Three, Electric Smoke, Letta Mbulu, Vance & Suzanne and Nel Oliver.