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After All


Spain's The Sweet Vandals have been at the forefront of European soul and funk bands since they released their first album in 2007. Starting in small clubs where they built up their sound, the band has gone on to perform at top festivals such as Womad, Pori Jazz Festival, and Blue Note. Other accolades include European tours, particularly popular in France and Germany, worldwide gigs and performances for the BBC and the legendary Rockpalast TV show on Germany's WDR. After three albums with the Düsseldorf-based label Unique, they have decided to make the jump to their own label Sweet Records. These heartfelt musicians are now putting all their knowledge learned from touring and recording into their work at their own studio, Funkameba Studios. Used as The Vandals' headquarters, Funkameba Studios had recorded many of Spain's up-and-coming bands. It's here in this musical laboratory made up of vintage tunes, tapes and gear that The Sweet Vandals' latest creation was born. Their fourth album, After All, is their best work yet and a modern day soul and funk masterpiece. The Sweet Vandals' obsession with finding the right sound for each of their songs is a hallmark of their work and this reaches its peak here. You'll find their trademark wild funk along with the classic sounds of Hi Records or Atlantic in some smart soul tunes. You can hear MaykaEdjole's powerful and unique vocals flood the tape with her energy or hear her whisper her beautiful and honest lyrics into the mic as if she were right beside us. Experimenting with new sounds, you'll discover amazing vocal, horns and string arrangements backed by a tight and always ready to funk rhythm section. After All is a concept album with a great variety of styles, and of course, tons and tons of soul.