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#318 August 2010

WIRE 318 WIRE 318

"On the cover of this month's magazine: Chris Watson (Ken Hollings meets the sound recordist and Cabaret Voltaire founder whose mic penetrates the wild places humans can't reach). Features: Terror Danjah (The East London grime footsoldier on surviving the aftershocks of a dancehall revolution); Julian Lynch (Basement psych meets hypnagogic time-travel in the Wisconsin clarinettist's DIY pop); Helena Gough (Clive Bell enters the microclimate zone with the UK electroacoustic composer); Global Ear: Yogyakarta (June Yap finds electronic grappling with the future sounds of folk in the Indonesian city); Cross Platform: The Morning Line (In Istanbul, Anne Hilde Neset enters Matthew Ritchie's pavilion of adventurous sonic art); Invisible Jukebox: Rhodri Davies (The Reductionist harper, improviser and sound artist plucks out some gems from The Wire's mystery record selection); Surgeon (How yoga, hypnosis, S&M and a buried legacy of British noise feed into the disciplined, finely balanced techno of Anthony Child); Chicks On Speed (Louise Gray reports on how the multi-tasking collective has burst out of their Berlin base to become an intercontinental guild of digital craftswomen); Cosmic disco (The interstellar pulse of late 1970s/early '80s club music signaled the first truly futurist pop. Peter Shapiro on the resurgence of grooving in zero gravity); Howard Riley (Solo, or with colleagues like Tony Oxley and Barry Guy, the free jazz pianist has kept up an uncompromising flow since the mid-1960s); Epiphanies (Owen Hatherley remembers the first time with Pulp)."