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10 Years of Tiefschwarz: Blackmusik


Berlin's Ali and Basti Schwarz are brothers and music lovers. To celebrate 10 years of success as music producers and DJs, they release a double CD compilation on their own label, Souvenir. The first CD is a mixture of Ali and Basti's musical influences, spanning their entire DJ career (Antipop Consortium, Frankie Knuckles, Ewan Pearson, Marianne Faithfull). The second CD is an exclusive selection of the finest Tiefschwarz tracks, remixed by their favorite producers and friends (Radio Slave, Matias Aguayo, Shonky, Samim, Turntablerocker, Kiki, etc.). Tiefschwarz was created out of a passion garnered since 1990 from their first experiences as DJs at the now-legendary clubs that Ali ran, and from their debut album Ral 9005 on Four Music in 2000 to their legendary status as THE remixers, producers, and DJs in the world, they helped establish Fine Records in London and went on to spend the majority of their time working on the Eat Books album which was released in 2005. Eat Books went on to receive much critical acclaim, so in 2006, they released two DJ mix albums, one for the outstanding Fabric series and the other in conjunction with the Time Warp festival in Germany. Finally, they have started up their very own label, Souvenir. Committed to releasing the best new dance music and working with the most exciting artists, Souvenir is a thrilling prospect for the future. 10 Years of Tiefschwarz: Blackmusik is the first album release on Souvenir and what better way to start? Please all raise your glasses for the last 10 years and may the next 10 be just as prolific. Other artists include: Sebastian Tellier, James Figurine, DJ Koze, Pawel, Tuff Little Unit, Osvaldo, Cortney Tidwell, Mia, My My, Frankie, Groove Box, Ralphie Rosario, Broke, Donacha Costello, Brooks, Recloose, Carl Craig, Ron Trent, Francesco Tristiano, Flash And The Pan and Ruede Hagelstein.