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 - Now: Zero
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Dream Cargoes


Dutch duo TJ Kong & Modular K drop their debut full-length, Dream Cargoes on Poker Flat. Dream Cargoes is a stunning example of the work of real musicians with time, experience and genuine musical knowledge on their hands. Showing their true experience, vision and production expertise in abundance, TJ Kong & Modular K are here to stay with their new output, for high-times in the clubs and also for luxurious home-listening. The pair is obviously keen archivists of the classic house and techno sound, yet the high-end studio lustre, amorous synth-work and attention to detail all attest to their desire to continue to look towards the future, too. Having been friends and colleagues in the Dutch electronic scene for well over a decade, the talented pair have so much experience in working on different studio projects, and now come together in this glorious full-length exploration of their vision of house and techno today. Swathed in lush chords, analog warmth, wandering basslines and classic vintage textures, Dream Cargoes looks towards a brighter future over 10 fully-considered, expansive tracks, while respectfully paying homage to the past. Playing through as a true electronic album should, with expertly-segued transitions between its moods, we are guided from the bright and airy "Chronopolis," with its futuristic synths shining through with great positive vibes, through to the dubby soundscapes of the masterful "Dream Cargoes," before being totally ensnared in the multi-timbral journey. Melody and harmony combine with crisp, classic beats as the pair travel through the full electronic spectrum, showing off their talent for arrangements. "End-Game" sees them take on urgent, peak-time electronic vibes -- freaking and peaking over almost 10 minutes, while some wonderfully-constructed downtempo moments pace things out in "Now Wakes The Sea." The playful "Studio 5, The Stars," features dramatic strings and wandering bass lines, in powerful contrast to tracks like the edgy Dutch electro of "Memories Of The Space Age," or the captivating final track, "Now: Zero."