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"Sound boundaries for their third album - still on Sub Rosa - French foursome Tone Rec, whose slow-burning tracks often rely on CD skips, crystalline drones and computer/DAT manipulation, form part of a strange, lo-fi dissonant movement that seems to seep its way out of the walls and across national boundaries in osmotic fashion. They seem to have a mission: to strip down the essence of electronic sound into dry husks and weave those husks into some primordial sonic basket to be later used to carry small cargos of fragmented rock. Deconstructing their own live-recorded breaks and then manipulating them via computer is the nature of the weave taking place. Rock broken CD. 'We haven't got any predetermined structural model, and we never had a theoretical approach to our music,' they explain. 'We like moments when the loops are running in desynchronised ways to create unexpected rhythms. We really enjoy the idea of digital mistake,' they note before explaining that one of their instruments is 'a broken CD of spectacular sound effects' [like Oval, they clearly believe in extending the possibilities of spray-painting, scratching and otherwise ruining the playable sides of perfectly healthy CDs]. Last deconstruction form, despite this unconventional nature, much of the band's music is basically a form of heavily reconstructed techno [in much the same way as Tortoise could be construed as deconstructed rock], hardly inaccessible in its basic format but highly innovative all the same."