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Tony Hazzard Sings Tony Hazzard


"Tony Hazzard's songs are known to millions. During his first flurry of pop success in the mid-late '60s he scored huge hits with 'Ha! Ha! Said The Clown' and 'Fox On The Run' for Manfred Mann, 'Listen To Me' for The Hollies, 'Me The Peaceful Heart' for Lulu, 'Hello World' for The Tremeloes and 'You Won't Be Leaving' for Herman's Hermits. In addition, his 'The Sound Of The Candyman's Trumpet' was recorded by Cliff Richard and entered into the 1968 Eurovision Song Contest (note the word SONG there, folks). 'Maria Elena' was beautifully rendered by the great Gene Pitney while the Jimmy Page-led Yardbirds turned Tony's 'Goodnight Sweet Josephine' into a psych-pop classic. Simon Dupree & The Big Sound, The Casuals, The Family Dogg, Cherry Smash and The (formerly Swinging) Blue Jeans all turned to Hazzard's effortless pop tunes in the late '60s too. In the midst of all this success as a writer, Tony somehow found time to polish up a dozen or so of his demos (themselves things of fully formed wonder as played by the top session cats of the day) and thus was born his first 'solo' LP, Tony Hazzard Sings Tony Hazzard, released in 1969. It features all of the aforementioned mega-hits and a selection of other equally worthy pop gems as rendered by Tony, his band and pals like Jimmy Page and The Hollies' Tony Hicks. Bizarrely, the fickle pop kids of '69 opted not to buy the long-player and it was consigned to an early grave, only to enjoy a supernatural second coming in the '90s as rabid '60s pop collectors tripped over each other in the rush to secure copies which now change hands for silly money on the rare occasions they turn up. Produced with Tony's full co-operation and featuring ultra-rare non-LP single sides and brand new, in-depth liner notes by Rev-Ola's very own Andy Morten, this is a must for all lovers of pure '60s pop thrills."