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This is the second full-length release by Touane (aka Marco Tonni). After his relocation from Italy to Berlin in 2005, he quickly found success as a producer after a series of 12"s and his first album gave him a name and identity in the European electronic music community. This success came from his own perspective on music which emphasizes the organic, the colorful, and the surprising in an era when most music seems to present minor variations of a monochromatic theme. His first album Awake, released in 2005, presented a spectrum of new ideas which placed him at the periphery of the minimal techno world. With his follow-up album Figura, he brings his narrative even further. Inspired by the jazz records spun during his legendary dinner parties; cooking up linguine con scampi, with a bottle of Pinot Grigio close at hand, and Weather Report, John Coltrane and Miles Davis on the hi-fi, Marco took more elaborate composition techniques and restructured his own palette into new hybrid shapes. Figura presents a series of vignettes for the listener about the imaginary life of an imaginary girl. This feminine muse provided him a starting point from which he could build his own narrative. Not a story per se, but an emotional mirror upon which he can direct our senses, and shape our understanding of her, la figura. Across the 13 songs, Marco knits a day in her life using acoustic instruments, field recordings and his lovely singing voice, immersed into the strangely-now-traditional computer synthesis, sequencing and electronic percussion. Those of you who loved Awake, and are aware of his recent techno productions know to expect his music to imperceptibly entwine itself into your daily life in such a way that one day you find that you can't imagine your life before it. That's how you know it's a classic.