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Southern Star


10" version. Emma Tricca and Jason McNiff present the mini album, Southern Star. Tricca and McNiff first met each other a number of years ago in the 12 Bar Club, a venue that they both played at and frequented looking for like-minded souls. Brought together by their mutual appreciation of Bert Jansch and John Renbourn, (Jason knew Bert and Emma knew John) they forged a friendship and made plans to one day record together. Their solo careers blossomed, Tricca "carving folk's new golden era" with her two delicate records for Finders Keepers and McNiff releasing six albums of highly regarded singer/songwriter material. But the roots run deep with Tricca and McNiff and the friendship and intention remained, and their recording plans were finally realized in the summer of 2015. Fortune found them with time on their hands and after a summer of rehearsal in a farm house in rural Italy and engineer/producer Tommaso Colliva of Calibro 35 suddenly free from duties with Muse, they got to fulfil this career long ambition and Southern Star was born. The songs feature the pair sharing vocals on each other's material, three songs written by both Tricca and McNiff, and highlight a yearning for travel and the emotions that are stirred by distant shores. The only kids in town who were listening to Bert and John and finger-picking on their guitars in those distant days of the 12 Bar deliver a consummate and engrossing listening experience where one travels with them on a southbound train, taking in stops in New York, the Hills of Rome and Paris in rain, the long way. As Tricca sings on McNiff's song, "Hills of Rome", "I come down on my bike to the market place, got petrol in my blood and wind in my face, my God I seem to be winning this race, got no one to chase to now..."