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10 Years Sender 1999-2009


"Antennas up! The Sender station brings you an exclusive special broadcast covering the big label anniversary. On the occasion of the tenth birthday, contributions by various label-associated representatives of the electronic music-production community will follow here, appearing in black gold and a modern digital garment. In the first part, brand new productions are set to be hawked separately. The second part succeeds in mixed shape and recapitulates the Sender era in a DJ-set format. In the spotlight, we have acquaintances such as Misc., Baby Ford, Matt John, Pan/Tone, Someone Else and label holder and founder Benno Blome himself. Beyond that, fresh talents like Ronald Christoph and Shap introduce themselves to the audience and ambitious producers like Matt Star leave their incisive remix-signature. The whole stylistic bandwidth of the Sender program is to be performed for our audience once again, over and above we would like to put you in the mood for further decades of potent rhythm-broadcasts. Since establishing the Sender station, tons of sweat ran down the walls of international Techno clubs. Not few numbers out of the Sender catalogue have been involved with this sportive society phenomenon. Artists like Misc. have reached some of their top levels with blood-pressure-raising techno compounds on Sender. High caliber acts like T..Raumschmiere and Jake Fairley have set the standard in style and dirt. British legends like A Guy Called Gerald and Baby Ford have built robust techno-bridges to the continent. Despite the intricate maintenance of the sending, station conductor Benno Blome holds most of the program spots with 28 contributions, of which many were generated in joint ventures. Thus in this anniversary issue he can be heard with Tigerskin once again, who also had several appearances on Sender. Please put your remote control aside now and immerse in the following music program."