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Arktinen Hysteria: Suomi-avantgarden Esipuutarhureita


"The Arktinen Hysteria compilation that came out in November 2001 was compiled by Jukka Lindfors, based on his series of radio documentaries for Finnish Broadcasting Company. Together here are gathered for the first time some seminal tracks usually considered the milestones of early Finnish electronic music; being the real predecessors of the sounds of Mika Vainio, Pan sonic & et al.; combined with some rarities and previously unpublished tracks. The album concentrates mostly around the output of the now-legendary Love Records label, varying from electronic music to avantgarde sounds, free-jazz and experimental rock. Here one can witness some truly timeless electronic pioneering works, delving into the real Finnish analogue roots of glitch, clicks & cuts and even modern laptop sounds. Artists include: M.A. Numminen, Tommi Parko, Pekka Kujanpää (future underground guru M.A. Numminen and his cohorts burping and gurgling to a simple blues theme playing in the background, as part of this home-made tape recorded in 1961), M.A. Numminen & Sähkökvartetti (Holy Grail of Finnish electronic music, creepy-sounding and even hymn-like, with wailing and sounding like electronic insects), Tommi Parko (avantgardistic pranks), Erkki Salmenhaara (sounds like a constant switching of dial between radio stations: snippets of orchestral sounds, reverberated electronics, harpsichord, piano etudes, whatever), Blues Section (the territory of backwards tapes, tape loops and other "mind-blowing" sonic regalia of the late 60s), Erkki Kurenniemi (This could be something by Hecker of Mego Records, only 30 years before laptops), Jukka Ruohomäki (non-machine-like electronic pop music), Jouni Kesti & Seppo I. Laine (Pure noise inferno of explosions and chaos), The Sperm (a combination of an experimental rock group and a provocative performance group, features undecipherable vocals mumbling, screeching, murmuring, screaming utter nonsense), J.O. Mallander (Dadaist piece of conceptual art, an aural counterpart to what Andy Warhol did with his movies of repeated boredom), The Sperm (a free-for-all melee of cacophony, like some collective lunatic asylum art therapy), Pekka Airaksinen (murky sauna hut sound expressions, total antimusic and again, totally ageless), S. Albert Kivinen (This 'aleatoric assault' is about the then-US Vice President Spiro Agnew)."