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But Then Again


Subtitled: 'Celebrating 5 Years of ~Scape'. "Half a decade and still going strong -- to mark its fifth anniversary, Berlin-based label ~scape has decided to release a new compilation: But Then Again. Entirely by chance this notable release coincides with catalogue number 23, but mysticism, confusion or conspiracy theories are pretty much the opposite of what ~scape represents. On the contrary -- the label´s philosophy is based on clear statements, quality and aesthetics, on meticulous R&D and its translation into sustainable ideas, to continue the label´s history and integrity. ~scape´s consistently high standards focus on the delicate equilibrium where a healthy mix of conceptual density and substantial purity prevents any dilution of quality or principle. In this field, far from any arbitrariness or repetition, futility or posing ~scape explores its unbridled passion for music, based on sincerity and an astute presence of mind. But Then Again is a felicitous homage to the swung dash -- after many artist albums and EPs this is the first ever ~scape compilation to completely and voluntarily dispense with any conceptual framework, something which had worked extremely well for the brilliantly executed 'Staedtizism'-series. Again, openness is paramount, plenty of scope and ~scape for the diversity characteristic of the label and its artists after five years. All fifteen tracks featured on the compilation are new and as yet unpublished, most of them were created with this minor anniversary in mind. Although references to the intricate ~scape sound abound, But Then Again is anything but a review of the label´s back catalogue. In fact, it serves as an experimental piñata with a bellyful of musical ideas ranging from dub and clicks to hip-hop, jazz, funk and popart, a rich surprise best cracked with a laser beam." Artists: Cappablack, Thomas Fehlmann, Mike Shannon feat. June, John Tejada, Deadbeat, Bus + Dabrye, Triola, Jan Jelinek, Epo, Andrew Peklar, Triosk, Heaset and Soulo, Rechenzentrum vs. Masha Qrella, System, Crackhaus.