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Dancehall Classics Volume One


2007 release. The Prince became a King, never a truer word spoken when you look at the career of King Jammy. Kingston Sounds focuses here on the early days of the dancehall scene which stretched across the 1980s, picking up the story at the tail end of the 1970s, just before the sound became digital and computerized. King Jammy's production was always of such high quality, that telling the difference between his analog and digital productions was always a job for the experts. As you can see from the recording details, all these tracks were cut in those heady 1977-1979 days. The reggae sound was again about to turn into what we would later know as its dancehall period. Although cut in the late '70s, some of these tracks would not become hits until the 1980s had arrived. King Jammy's pivotal 1985 cut, Wayne Smith's "Under Me Sleng Teng," based on a digital computer rhythm, was still a few years away. Kingston Sounds links these fine tunes lined up here for your enjoyment under the same umbrella, as they contain that same dancehall feel, where the rhythm has slowed down and the snare sound is pronounced. These fine tunes bring us back to a time and provoke memories when Mr. Jammy's stable of artists never sang sweeter or sounded better. All the top-flight hitters are here -- Johnny Osbourne with his place-evoking "Trench Town School" and his massive time-defining hit "Folly Ranking." The mighty Black Uhuru with their politically-charged "Time to Unite." The sweet-sounding voice of Mr. Sugar Minott pulling us all in with his "Right Track" cut. Anthony Johnson, who cut many hits through the '80s for Jammy, is here with his telling tale, "Get Ready." Even the aforementioned Wayne Smith sings out on his pre-digital hit "Wicked Man." Hugh Mundell's "Bottomless Pit" and Rudo's ode to the Firehouse district scene "Ain't No House" is here, too -- all killers and no fillers. Some great tracks from a fantastic period in reggae's history.