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04 03 :59
05 03 :45
06 01 :46
07 02 :46
08 08 :14
09 05 :03
10 02 :14
11 02 :37
12 02 :27
14 02 :32
15 01 :25
Enjoy Detroit

3E 010CD 3E 010CD

"Third Ear are very proud to present this superb compilation of new and exclusive tracks from the Premier Cru label. Premier Cru is a label from Detroit, which grew out of a 'jazz/dance/hip hop band called JWQ (Jonathan Williams Quartet). In addition to Premier Cru founder George Katsiris, on guitar. The band also featured future Premier Cru artists Erv Green, Jun Shiina and Jonathan Williams. The band played in and around Detroit and opened up for such acts as De La Soul, Greyboy Allstars, Groove Collective and the James Taylor Quartet. After college, the members moved to various parts of the country but stayed in touch. For the next two years everyone continued to make music, each producing their own tracks by playing all of the instruments over electronically generated drums. All of the artists, the photographer, the package layout designer, Web site designer, even the picture of the Cadillac on the sleeve (it is a soul food joint where you get a free car wash with your purchase), are from Michigan. Only some of the featured soloists are from elsewhere. Originally, George Katsiris compiled Enjoy Detroit to bring together the family of musicians that he had been a part of in Michigan. However, as the album was being put together, he met other people from the D, such as Jason Hogans, and Kenny Flav, who contributed tracks. Wayne Kounty has since found success writing and producing for Mary J. Blige and Busta Rhymes."