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Frikyiwa: Collection 1


Very attractively packaged contemporary African remix album, highlighted by the awesome Doctor L (producer of the recent Tony Allen comeback album, Black Voices). Featured artists: Nahawa Doumbia, Lobi Traore, Ibrahim Hamma Dicko, Djigui, Neba Solo, Abdoulaye Diabate. "This first collection from Frikyiwa regroups a series of remixes made by electronic music producers taken from African traditional pieces. From the rainy country, Aqua Bassino (Scottish without a kilt) has been for the last few years distilling the classiest deep house in the world. Extremely respected, he could only do the remix for the Diva star Nahawa Doumbia, ambassadress of south Mali music. Stemming from the Japanese scene in Tokyo, Chari Chari provides a dancefloor dimension to Lobi Traore. Spider has remixed Ibrahim Hamma Dicko, a singer-composer from the north of Mali, dedicated to the music of this humble, arid and close to the desert region. Extremely graceful. The Natty Bass Sound System from Lyon did Djigui, malien farmer, a rare player of the bolon, one of the most rural malien instruments. Jeff Sharel has been developing his very own style between American house and his personal poetry. He amplifies the compositions from the kings of the region of Kenedougou (south Mali): Neba Solo. Somewhere between party spirit and traditional music, veritable personality from the London scene, IG Culture imposes its' sharpcutting groove and breakbeat to the divine Nahawa Doumbia. The Tokyo 246 Avenue Project is formed and reformed in the heart of Shibuya in Tokyo City. DJ, scratching sound engineer, one didn't need more for the star Abdoulaye Diabate. A voice, a group whose live concerts stupify. A deep house remix opens a whole new universe to this piece. Doctor L reworks Ibrahim Hamma Dicko's music with maturity and personality. His blues, jazz, African and hip-hop influences couldn't go better with this 'Baba' now known as 'Baba Sorcery dub mix' : Bewitching and mystique!"