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Funky Fräuleins

BB 031CD BB 031CD

Subtitled: Female Beat, Groove, Disco, Funk In Germany 1968-1978. The Bureau B label offers up 18 glistening pearls of Germanified groove, federal funk and imperial beat from the '60s and '70s, all with one common denominator: swinging Fräuleins holding the microphone. Most of them are genuine locals. Some, however, had the most fleeting guest appearances as Fräuleins, while others arrived from different countries to carve out a career in Germany and ended up staying for decades. When they start to sway their slim hips and flutter their eyelashes, no man is safe. Famed the world over for their charms and allure, in-bred elegance and, of course, for the groove which courses through their veins -- from Hamburg to Vienna, from Cologne to Dresden, from the swinging '60s beat and Austrian black humor of Topsy Küppers, to the lascivious eroticism and fluffy funk of Heidelinde Weis, to wild rock moments from Heidi Brühl (ostensibly with Jimmy Page on the guitar), to the hippie vibes of Renate Kern with the Kai Warner Orchestra, to Caterina Valente's ridiculously memorable version of "Blueberry Hill," these are the groove girls and beat queens of yesteryear who won't fail to get you schlagered. Other artists include: Su Kramer, Marianne Mendt, Roberta Kelly, Vicky Leandros, Olivia Molina, Hildegard Knef, Evelyn Künnecke, Peggy March, Sandra Haas, Jane Morel, Shirley Thompson, Marianne Rosenberg, and Lotte Und Leherb.