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Futuristic Experiments 006

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[deleted] "Demonstrating more state of the art, more dancefloor related electronic music, rather than experiments that are trying to look into the future. Featured artists on Futuristic Experiments #006 are: Akufen, Ben Nevile, Sutekh, Dave Miller, Andy Vaz, Rhythm_Maker, B. Helvetica, Si-Cut. Db, Portable, DB. This 6th in a series of compilations follows the ideal of keepin' one eye on the future of techno by combining body and mind in music, without slandering the roots, while also keeping the history of 4/4 alive & authentic. In our cultural understanding, art and music are integrated into everyday life and mind and body are not separated. A tune can be functional, entertaining and intellectual all at the same time -- by means you can 'jack your body' & 'elevate your mind', without forgetting the need for music to perform different functions. On the floor, we want the listener to get their groove on, while at the same time we want people to sit back, listen and get deep into the individual artistic idea behind the music presented here. Futuristic Experiments works as a two way street -- combining mind & body against the idea that music is either entertainment or else an intellectual habit of separating the mind and the body, rather then integrating them. Techno has always been about both: the body and the mind -- hence it can be whatever you allow the music to be, but it doesn't have to limit itself -- it can bring maximum effect within a minimal aesthetic."