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Great Jewish Music: Burt Bacharach

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"Tzadik artists and special guests paying tribute to one of the great geniuses of American music. Modern jazz greats (Horvitz, Frisell, Baron, Douglas, Medeski, Martin & Wood), rock luminaries (Quine, Patton, Ribot, Kramer, Honda, Holcomb) and experimental stars (Frith, Parkins, Sharp, Hirsch) shed new light on a highly original and inspiring composer/arranger who brought the lessons he learned from bebop and Darius Milhaud to the world of pop music. Essential listening for anyone interested in anything." Zorn: " A trailblazer. A questioner. An unbridled genius. More than a great tunesmith, he a conductor, a pianist and singer, a bold arranger with an original vision and sharp ear for detail, a brilliant producer and sensitive collaborator. Bacharach's songs explode the expectations of what a popular song is supposed to be. Advanced harmonies and chord changes with unexpected turnarounds and modulations, unusual changing time signatures and rhythmic twists, often in uneven number of bars. But he makes it all sound so natural you can't get it out of your head or stop whistling it. Maddeningly complex, sometimes deceptively simple, these are more than just great pop songs: these are deep explorations of the materials of music and should be studied and treasured with as much care and diligence we accord any great works of art."