PRICE: $14.00
Komfort.Labor Presents: Ocean Club


"The role model for the series komfort.labor on WMF records is the event called Komfort Labor, which is taking place on Saturdays in the WMF Club, Berlin. Under the diction of komfort.labor a comfortable bar evolves from the pleasant room of the DJ lounge, music itself evolves from a relaxing fringe event to a central concert-like happening. Different Berlinian formations are forming the komfort.labor as residents inviting guest DJs and live performing artists along their musical preferences. These are: the label Scape, the radio show Ocean Club, the magazine for electronic living aspects DE:BUG, the computer generated studio production crew of Native Instruments, and the electronic experiment Solitaire Touring. The compilation series komfort.labor is based on the different musical contents that are presented by komfort.labor´s residents. Those who don´t know what Ocean Club is should visit their web site or listen to their radio shows online to get an impression. Ocean club is special -- that´s what the compiled tracks show as well. Compilers Gudrun Gut and Thomas Fehlmann do feature own heroes as well as good friends, rock´n`roll as well as elektronika, fun as well as grooviness. That´s what Ocean Club's like: they don´t care about genre conformity. Ocean Club is not only a bunch of musicians from different backgrounds playing in one common project but a broadcast on Radio One, Berlin, dedicated to electronic experiments and musica obscura. Ocean Club Radio are Gudrun Gut (Einstürzende Neubauten / Malaria! / Miasma / Monika Enterprise) and Thomas Fehlmann (The Orb / Palais Schaumburg / Flow) who are virtuously playing and expressing themselves with lots of different styles -- as musicians, DJs and label managers. Gudrun Gut is currently very successful with the remixes of her Malaria! Hit 'Kaltes Klares Wasser'. Ocean Club also is last but not least a club event at WMF's [komfort.labor]. You can join the club now all over the world by this crispy and very special 'soundselection'."