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Kompakt Total 7


Is it already that time of year again? Rejoice again as indeed, the founders of Kompakt and their roster have been hard at work mulling over the past year to reflect the efforts on the cherry blossom lovingly named Total. The Total series began in 2000, when the Köln label compiled their own 12"s. Since then, every so often, a new Total is born. Total contains music you can only find on Kompakt vinyl, and even some Total exclusives. Each and every Total is special and unique. Year after year, the Total CD/LP series remains a firm favorite of Kompakt fans everywhere. For the uninitiated, Total 7 translates as a document of Kompakt's favorite singles of the past year, brimming with exclusive, new songs that will appease even the most dedicated fan of the label. This year's pilgrimage gives much reason to rejoice with newcomers and old standbys alike. "Where's the techno?" you may ask as Dirk Leyers and Justus Köhncke aka Kontrast summon one of the dearest space disco tracks of recent time. Then, The Wighnomy Bros. (who make two appearances) take Triola to a twisted land of bass drum dreams. It would be impossible to not include Gui Boratto -- this Brazilian lad has had a tremendously successful year due to his releases on Kompakt's new imprint K2 -- and of course, the summer anthem "Like You" (of which the remix appears on CD2). Michael Mayer makes friends in the studio with a sparkling disco strutter together with long-time DJ partner Tobias Thomas and alongside the dark prince Superpitcher in what can only be called momentous splendor. Kompakt chiefs Jürgen Paape and Wolfgang Voigt aka Wassermann make rare appearances with two of Total 7's highlights -- songs as equally classy and charming as the tracks they remain profoundly respected for. We could go on and on...but it's time to end this boasting and let the music speak and your ears be the judge.