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La Bamba

UE 068LP UE 068LP

"Over 15 years ago, Daniël De Wereldvermaarde Botanicus (hat and cacti collector Cassis Cornuta) deejayed a ton of horrible 'La Bamba' versions for 2 hours in the now defunct situationist radioshow RTVS (Radio Centraal, Antwerp). The 'galdezen' of RTVS yelled/sung along, creating their own versions of 'La Bamba' while getting more and more hammered or naturally gone from a bamba trance! After telling me this short story, Daniël mumbled 'I always wanted to DJ all night long 'La Bamba,' I think it will drive people insane,' this idea expanded into making this international compilation LP, which was made for the Ultros Exemos La Bamba Night(Mare), February 28/2009 at Scheldapen in Antwerp. That night Daniël deejayed over 300 different versions of 'La Bamba,' only to be interluded by a giant lineup of artists performing a live 'La Bamba' rendition! This LP includes 'La Bamba' versions by; Sudden Infant! Floris Vanhoof! Angst Hase Pfeffer Nase! Bromptreb! Anla Courtis! Smack Music 7! Kommissar Hjuler! Mitt Land Och Leo! Human Hairs! Daniel De Wereldvermaarde Botanicus! Remork! Reijo Pami! Glands Of External Secretion! Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen! Rubber O Cement! Ludo Mich! Mama Bär! Tomutonto! Vvm & The Synthetic Voice Of Gaeoudjiparl Van Den Dobbelsteen! Daniëlle Lemaire! Kraus! and Fricara Pacchu! Some of these versions sound very very far away from how you know 'La Bamba;' others sound a little bit closer. Limited to 400 copies!" With color insert: "...Daniël's dream of a night long 'La Bamba' holocaust."