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Robot Elephant vs. Tundra Dubs


LP version. After 2011's similarly-themed, critically-acclaimed ISVOLT compilation, Robot Elephant embarks on a joint venture alongside Tundra with label bosses Sebastian and Ben, each curating five songs each, featuring promising talents on their respective labels' roster. On the RER side, Bologna's Husband start up with another remarkable jam that seamlessly follows up their debut EP Love Song/Slow Motion. Ritualz's "Heat" is a bastard child of trance synths and reggaeton rhythms or "raveaton" as it's called by its creator. Hailing from Bucharest, Romania, HipDieBattery is premiering on this compilation with the dark, haunting, dubbed-out techno ballad "Bones" -- a taster from the album that is looming for late 2012. The Church Of Synth brings us "Geh Ins Licht"; a track that unfortunately didn't fit on the debut LP, it is carrying on the vibe and ideas of the album perfectly. Ourobonic Plague is a mad professor of dystopian hip-hop beats and weirdo sounds, a debut album will be released later in 2012. ∆Aimon are a male/female duo from Southern California. They defy their sunny locale in exchange for beautiful, grim and sometimes harsh occult soundscapes with compositions built on anxiety and paranoia that give way to heightened, feverish sexuality and erotic ritualism. Funerals are a husband/wife duo from Columbus, Ohio, presenting a dark and atmospheric selection. Mascara dropped many acclaimed tracks throughout 2011; "Sonnambula" is another demonstration of how an ingenious and innocent approach to producing haunting disco tracks bears amazing results. Grimm Soundsystem is Ben Tundra's own creation, a playing field for his minimal dubstep/instrumental hip-hop experiments. I++ (the band name stands for a magical incantation, but if it must be pronounced, then it's "eyedoublecross") create dark, unrelenting, threatening post-industrial compositions of unmatched gloom and doom. Robot Elephant vs. Tundra Dubs is an exciting and fascinating document of worldwide experimental music through like-minded trans-Atlantic curation and co-operation.