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Tokyo Flashback 7


"An essential document of the psychedelic improvisation scene that exists in the deepest catacombs of the Tokyo underground! Includes unparalleled live performances by six of the scene's freshest groups. Recorded live at the legendary Koenji Show Boat venue in Tokyo on May 31, 2009! 1. Le Son De L'os - 'Still Water' : An improvising unit formed by Yuko Hasegawa from Onna-Kodomo, Masahiro Deguchi from Gendai Sokkyo, and Shizuo Uchida from Hasegawa-Shizuo. The group began playing together several years ago, concentrating on outdoor performances. Deguchi's flute and guitar swim freely creating circles of ma, while Uchida's bass and subtly profound voice and acoustic guitar knit together sounds that exist solely at their instant of creation. 2. Bon no Kubo - 'Untitled' : Formed in 2007. An improvising trio consisting of guitar, contrabass and percussion. The group aims at the sublime, whispered in a uniquely Japanese sensibility. Drums, Percussion: Naoto Yamagishi; Contrabass: Shintarou Takasugi; Guitar: Masahiko Ota 3. Derakushi - 'Red Shoes 303' : Formed in 2008 at Suzuki's instigation. The project aims to express everything that bubbles up during performance or is generated as its by-product, without hesitation or exception. The group had one track on Real Japanese Underground 2008 compilation on the Lost Rivers Project label. 4. Sabu Orimo Unit - 'Inochi' : Natural-Bore Shakuhachi: Sabu Orimo; Harmonica, Drums: Tomohiko Namiki 5. Touyounomajyo - 'White Light Spear' : Formed in January 2008 and active in live houses around Koenji. They have released several live recordings.Guitar, Vocals: Keisuke Kajiwara; Bass: Mitsu; Drums: A. 6. Hasegawa-Shizuo - 'Gray Ray' : Improvising duo of Hirotomo Hasegawa and Shizuo Uchida. Their genre-less music blends ma (space) and drone, while internalizing noise, ethnic music and contemporary composition. Their performances are made up entirely of sounds produced in the live moment and space. To date they have released three albums, on PSF, Tiliqua Records and haang niap Records. Hichiriki, Voice, etc.; Hirotomo Hasegawa Bass, Voice, etc.; Shizuo Uchida."